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Providing a 21 st century home for all who wish to be associated with the Christian Church.

New Millenium

In 1995, the congregation of the nearby St Nicholas Congregational (later, the United Reformed) Church came to the conclusion that the exhausting of their resources on the essential extensive repairs to their building (located on the adjacent Belmont Street) would not be in the best interests of Christian mission in the centre of the city. Discussion with the Kirk Session of the Kirk of St Nicholas indicated there was space for continuing separate congregational life together under the Kirk’s roof.

Initially the United Reformed Church rented space at the Kirk of St Nicholas and shared the accommodation here. Three years later, in 1998, this lead to a formal covenant commitment with the Kirk to work and grow together. In 2002, a union of the congregations was formed as a Local Ecumenical Partnership.

The united congregation has adopted name of Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting as a token of the ancient Mither Kirk’s willingness to provide a home for all who may wish to be associated with her.

The potential of the building has been expertly assessed and proposals for far-reaching and exciting changes to an ancient and ever-evolving place of Christian worship and hospitality have been drawn up. The Mither Kirk Development Project was officially launched in 2004.


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New Millenium
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